Selected Feature Magazine Articles

After the Flood  Researchers from Oregon State University look to increase the resiliency of indigenous and other tight-knit communities from flooding and other impacts of climate change. Terra Magazine, Winter 2020

Is This How We Will Save Wild Salmon?  Conservationists work to establish wild salmon sanctuaries that make protecting fish habitat on public lands a priority.  Sierra Magazine, January 2018

A fall Chinook salmon on its spawning bed.

The Oregon Ocean Acid Test  Researchers from Oregon State University, along with a network of citizen scientist volunteers, monitor ocean acidification along the Oregon Coast.  Terra Magazine, Winter 2018

Does the Douglas Fir Tree Deserve its Own National Monument?  Friends of Douglas Fir National Monument are advocating for the creation of a 750-square-mile national monument in the Oregon Cascade Mountains dedicated to one of the West’s great trees.  Sierra Magazine, October 2017

Heavy Metal  Conservationists work to reduce wildlife lead poisoning from spent ammunition and pave the way for the return of California condors to the Pacific Northwest.  Earth Island Journal, Autumn 2017

Walking Peril  Recent research is showing that muscle-powered outdoor recreational activities in protected wildlands are having a greater negative impact on wildlife than previously thought, and in some cases more than motorized recreational pursuits.  Sierra Magazine, May 2017

Left Coast Griz  Proposals are in the works to reintroduce grizzly bears in the North Cascades in Washington State and to California’s southern Sierra Nevada. It’s a tremendous conservation opportunity, but is it possible?  Sierra Magazine, December 2016


There is still potential grizzly bear habitat along the West Coast.

Pulp Friction  Agressive logging on state school trust forestlands in Oregon and Washington produce funds for public education at the expense of old-growth ecosystems. Environmental groups want to see those lands managed for conservation values over timber revenues. Sierra Magazine, May 2016

Killing to Conserve  Does killing cormorants and sea lions to protect Pacific salmon, barred owls to save northern spotted owls or ravens to restore sage grouse populations represent sound, ethical wildlife management or is it scapegoating to cover up the real reasons for species’ declines? Earth Island Journal, Spring 2016

World Biodiversity Hotspot Worth Much More than a Nickel  Proposed nickel mines threaten pristine watersheds in the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion of Oregon. Earth Island Journal, September 2015

Will Oregon be the State to Solve the “Wicked Wolf Problem?”  A look at Oregon’s wolf management plan and if it gives wolves a better deal than in other Western states. Earth Island Journal, August 2015

Columbia River Reboot  Major salmon management changes are made on the lower Columbia River, but will it help save wild fish? Fly Fisherman Magazine, September-October 2013

Elk River Conservationists work to protect wild salmon and steelhead habitat on Oregon's Elk River. Fly Fisherman Magazine, February-March 2013

Caution to the Wind The potential impacts of wind energy development on wildlife in Oregon's High Desert country. Oregon Hunter Magazine, March-April 2012


Wind turbines in eastern Oregon's sagebrush country.

McCloud in a Bottle An account of the battle to prevent an international water bottling company from drawing spring water from the McCloud River basin. Fly Fisherman Magazine, March 2009

Last Stand in the Selkirks How the last remaining herd of mountain caribou in the U.S. is faring. Forest Magazine, Winter 2009

Fishers Fight the Odds  Pacific fisher research and recovery on the West Coast. Forest Magazine, Winter 2008

Hoopa Fishers286

A researcher from the Wildlife Conservation Society with a radio-collared Pacific fisher in northern California.

From Wolves to Dogs  A look at the latest scientific theories on the origins of domestic dogs and their relationship to wolves. Defenders Magazine, Fall 2007

Success on the Stream: Deschutes River, Oregon  An overview of the massive effort to reintroduce salmon and steelhead to the Deschutes River’s upper basin. Trout Magazine, Fall 2007

Klamath Dams  The fight to save the Klamath River’s dwindling salmon runs by removing four hydroelectric dams on the upper river. Fly Fisherman Magazine, May 2007

 A series of dams on the upper Klamath River prevent salmon from reaching historical spawning grounds.

Sunset on the Daybreak Mine  The story of fish conservationists fighting a proposed gravel mine along Washington’s East Fork Lewis River.  Fly Fisherman Magazine, September 2006

Howl of the Wild  A look at the process of gray wolf recovery in Idaho and the transition from federal protection under the ESA to management by the state. Forest Magazine, Summer 2006

NP Wolf

A gray wolf from the Hemlock Ridge pack on its rendezvous site, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho.

Down on the Salmon Farm  An analysis of Atlantic salmon farming off the Pacific Northwest coast and its impact on wild Pacific salmon and steelhead.  Salmon & Steelhead Journal, Summer 2006

Crisis on the Snake  An update on the debate over the proposed breaching of the four Snake River dams to boost struggling wild salmon runs.  Salmon & Steelhead Journal, Winter 2005

Seals and Sea Lions  An overview of the effects of seal and sea lion predation on declining stocks of Pacific Salmon.  Salmon & Steelhead Journal, Summer/Fall 2004

Miraculous Metolius  How Oregon’s Metolius River was transformed into a top wild trout fishery and plans for future restoration of its historical salmon runs.  Fly Fisherman Magazine, May 2004

Salmon in Paradise  A look at the current state of Alaska’s wild salmon and how they are being managed. Trout Magazine, Winter 2002  

Leave it to Beavers  The ecological value of beavers and how they have been used as a riparian restoration tool. Forest Magazine, Spring 2002

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