A freelance editor, writer and photographer since 1993, my interest has primarily been environment related stories, and wildlife and fish subjects in particular. Before launching my freelance career, I worked in the photography shop at an East Coast advertising agency and as a commercial photographer’s assistant. I was also associate editor and photo researcher for Trout Magazine, the national publication of the conservation organization Trout Unlimited, where I focused on fisheries science and conservation journalism. 

Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry and Wildlife Science from Oregon State University, I gained practical experience in natural resources and the environment as a research assistant working on wildlands studies on Oregon and Alaska. I also surveyed Athapaskan and Inupiat historical and archaeological sites throughout interior and Arctic Alaska and participated in mountain lion, gray wolf and Pacific salmon research in Oregon and Idaho.

In addition to my professional work, I have decades of wilderness experience mountaineering, skiing and other backcountry pursuits and have been involved in community volunteer activities including serving on a mountain rescue unit — participating in technical high altitude rescue operations in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains — working to restore trout and salmon habitat in local streams and rivers, and helping to develop a system of commuter and recreational trails within my community.

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