In Wolf Country

My seventh book, In Wolf Country: The Power and Politics of Reintroduction, tells the story of the controversial reintroduction of gray wolves to the Northern Rockies, beginning with the release of 66 wolves in central Idaho and Yellowstone National Park in the mid-1990s, their dispersal to the Pacific Northwest and the powerful rural Western political establishment that tried to stop it. I began researching this book project more than 10 years ago. In Wolf Country was published by Lyons Press in January 2015.

In Wolf Country Single Cover

Fishing OR

Detailed profiles of 88 of the best fishing streams and lakes in Oregon and advice on how to fish them successfully.

Nature Weeks

A seasonal guide to natural events throughout Oregon for each week of the year from blooming wildflowers to bird migrations.


Oregon has its share of mysteries, including lost mines, elusive river monsters and haunted houses.


A guide to nearly two dozen great places to fish within an hour’s drive of Portland.    


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